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Welcome to Little Dragon School Strahov website!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our school,

here you will find important information that will help you with the admissions process.

We are happy to also set up a meeting with you in person to discuss your interests. Please contact us at


Approval of operations

Our management is ready to give out building authority documents upon request from parents. Our school has all permissions from authorization decisions to sanitary decisions available for viewing purposes to all that wish to participate in our admissions process. With us you can rest assured that the school’s operations are being managed solely on premises that have been approved by appropriate building authority. Therefore, we have statements from the sanitary station, the fire brigade and other involved authorities. With us you can be certain that Little Dragon Language School Strahov was labeled as a safe environment suitable for all-day stay for children by local administration and is equipped with sufficient hygienic facilities. For the so-called mini schools, or facilities that accommodate pre-school aged kids (maximum occupancy 24 children), the strict approval regime is not required in certain cases.

Schválení provozu školky

Appropriate framework educational program

A top quality preschool has a clear set of education goals and has a carefully paved path to achieve these goals. When you first direct your attention to choosing a proper pre-school for your child, you should be concerned with the educational program, become familiar with it, and then make your decision. You will then be able to evaluate whether the program is comprehensive, professionally processed and whether there are goals, contents, conditions and methods fit for preschool education. Additionally, you will find content about the school’s self-evaluation which you can then consult with a specialist along with the whole program and you can also discuss points of reference with your friends. If you wish to know more about this agenda, we are more than happy to present you with our educational program including the weekly and monthly time subsidies for individual activities.

Výchovně-vzdělávací program

Quality school environment

We highly recommend you direct your attention to school websites while researching facilities for your child. Photo galleries, videos and online reviews, such as Facebook and Google reviews, can be extremely useful while trying to get a more visual image of the school. A proper institution should be equipped with its own exterior – a fully accessible garden that will accommodate your child’s everyday outdoor activities. The garden should include a playground fit for all age groups to satisfy the psychomotor development of the child.

            Little Dragon School offers a high quality indoor and outdoor environment to ensure the development of children’s movement skills in preschool age. Our school includes our own multipurpose artificial grass field, outdoor play tools like slides, swings, climbing frames, sand pits and even a trampoline. The school also has access to the facilities of our founder which consist of indoor and outdoor beach volleyball courts with heated sand that we use for our special sports program called Sand Games. The outside terrace is a place where kids take care of their flowers and maintain them as well as keep their toys. We use the garden and terrace all year round and if the weather turns out unpleasant, we utilize the indoor gym for sports gymnastics and various children’s movement games and activities.

Prostředí školky

High quality nutrition

Healthy lifestyle is a key ingredient in having fit and thriving children where proper eating and drinking regime plays a crucial role. You should investigate upon the quality of the food that schools offer to their children and be able to choose from a variety of meals every day in order to have direct impact on the nutrition of your child. Also consider noticing the types of ingredients different snacks are made of and whether kids are lead to replenish their fluids regularly. Little Dragon School provides all food in bio quality without any exceptions to all children. The food supplier is BIONEA.

Stravovací a pitný režim

School’s credentials

You should be searching for school references and reviews as you close up on selecting a proper institution. Feel free to research information online or even ask friends about their experiences with preschools. Do not hesitate to take advantage of information given to you by your friends; every piece of information you can acquire is valuable. However, you should take online reviews and discussions with a grain of salt since opinions can often be subjective. When seeking an unbiased reference, you can ask the director to talk to one of the parents that are either bringing their child to school or picking them up to provide you with an honest opinion on the institution. As the situation suggests, it is best if you arrive either in the morning or even in the afternoon when parents pick up their children. At Little Dragon School we are not afraid of confrontation and we are happy to connect you with parents for information purposes. Please be advised that Little Dragon School did not take over the full operation until July 2020, therefore, the parents of our children and our teachers can provide you with the most valuable information about us.

Reference školky
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