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  • How can I sign up my child to Little Dragon School?
    First of all, we recommend you visiting our school in person. Your first impression is the best review that you can get. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have during your first visit and we will arrange up to two free of charge testing days that will help you decide whether our program is the right fit for you. After said testing days we will give you some time so you can make this important decision and we will also walk you through the necessary paperwork in order to complete the admissions process. Once you sign and turn in all the documentation, your child is ready to attend Little Dragon School!
  • Does Little Dragon School offer testing days?
    Yes! Little Dragon School does offer up to two testing days (mornings) where your child will be able to try out the program from 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM completely FREE of charge.
  • How are children’s first few days of school? (Adaptation process)
    The adaptation process is individual for every child and we approach every pupil in a unique and responsible way. We are aware of the importance of this time period in the children’s development. By experience we know that some kids take longer to get used to the new environment, but most of the time their adjustment period does not take longer than a few days. The child then finds out about all the fun activities they can experience every day at our school and that distancing themselves from their parents for a bit is not so bad after all. We obviously communicate regularly with the parents of the child during the adaptation sessions including sending text messages and even photos multiple times per session.
  • What does the daily agenda look like at Little Dragon School?
    7:30-9:00 AM kids arrive at school 9:00-9:30 AM communication circle/controlled activity/preschool preparation 9:30-9:50 AM morning hygiene, snack time 9:50-10.30 AM English class 10:30-11:15 AM activities according to individual days 11:15 AM-12:00 PM garden activities – spontaneous 12:00-12:30 PM hygiene, lunch 12:30-14:00 PM nap time/half-day kids go home 14:00-14:20 PM hygiene, afternoon snack 14:20-15:00 PM afternoon activities/hobby time 15:00-17:30 PM garden activities – spontaneous, children go home
  • How will my child eat at school?
    All day dining is provided for our school by BIOENA, a food company that specializes in pre-school dining as well as other educational facilities. BIO quality ingredients but also rich food selection that our kids like to eat are the main reasons we have been partnered with this company for many years. Proper hydration is another key factor to children’s growth and we keep our kids hydrated by unsweetened fruit tea, water or milk.
  • Is it possible to secure a specific diet plan with our food provider?
    Yes it is, BIONEA is able to arrange various dietary plans according to individual requirements. Gluten-free, lactose-free, no eggs, dairy products, soy or milk protein are all dietary requirements that can be set up for your convenience and substituted with alternative ingredients.
  • How much is tuition and how is it paid?
    Monthly tuition fee is 18760 CZK and it is due by the 20th day of the previous month. For example, tuition payment for the month of September is due on August 20. School tuition is all inclusive. Attendance, activities, trips, food and drink are all included in tuition payments. No extra costs are required. DISCOUNTS -20% = sibling discount (can be applied to one of the siblings for the whole duration of attendance) -20% = friend recommendation (bring a friend to us and we will administer a 20% discount throughout the attendance) SURCHARGES +20% = children under 3 years of age +30% = children under 2 years of age
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