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Little Tots Preschool


500 Terry Francois Street

San Francisco, CA  94158

T  123.456.7890  /    F  123.456.7890



Once upon a time there was a big mountain named Strahov. You can find this beautiful green mountain in the middle of Prague and it’s made of real bedrock! One day, a little baby dragon was playing around the mountain and immediately fell in love with the trees, the grass, and all the other greens that were on top of the mountain. On that day, the baby dragon started calling Strahov home. The baby dragon loves children and they love him back! They have been together for over 10 years now, even though he would only start taking good care of them once they started attending elementary school. He would teach the smaller children how to play sports, but he didn’t spend time with them all day. But everything is different now! In the summer of 2020, the baby dragon decided to move to a pre-school, and he will be hanging out with kids all day long! If you wish to visit the baby dragon, you can reach the Strahov mountain by taking the Chodecká road from Břevnov and then continue all the way to the top of the mountain. He will be very excited to see you!

Entire story

Little Dragon English preschool and day-care Prague are both located in the neighborhood near Ladronka park and Petřínské sady. The school yard is connected to Královka park which extends from Břevnov all the way to Strahov. Because of the handiness of the location, the school is completely immersed in greens and the sheer accessibility from all directions makes Strahov a truly special place. You can easily drive a few minutes and get to Strahov comfortably from Prague Castle, Malá Strana, Smíchov or Břevnov, or you can even walk! Strahov is also reachable for those who commute from outside Prague with the help of city circuit where the Blanka tunnel exit is positioned only 2 minutes away from Little Dragon school.


The school premises include our very own gym, summer terrace, garden with many toys and game-like components, artificial grass mini field used for sports and other games, and a large trampoline surrounded with tall trees for natural shade when the summer days get hot! If you walk for about 3 minutes you will also come across a public playground equipped with slides that is very popular among local kids. The playground also serves as a starting point for our hippotherapy sessions which occur regularly from Spring till Fall. Additionally, you will find a full-sized swimming pool within walking distance as well as a salt cave, a soccer field, a track and field stadium, or even a gymnastics hall and tennis courts SK Hradčany. Little Dragon school is part of the BeachPraha Arena and thus the management that operates the beach volleyball club along with the heated sand courts (BeachPrahaArena) is shared with Little Dragon school as well. Such environment is excellent for child’s development of movement and motor skills and your little one can start as early as 3 years old!


In addition to the overall calmness of the environment, the volume of cars and other motorized vehicles is minimal. Thanks to the fine location of our facility, we offer easy access from all parts of town and you will not have an issue finding a parking spot either.


Beachclub Strahov took over the management of Little Dragon English preschool in July 2020. Please come visit us, we can’t wait to show you around!

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