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Welcome to Little Dragon School Strahov website!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our school, here you will find important information that will help you with the admissions process.

We are happy to also set up a meeting with you in person to discuss your interests. Please contact us at

Little Dragon English Preschool Strahov strives for top quality English language education with native speakers. The education plan also focuses on the sports aspect of education in between the ages of 3 to 6 years old. With the convenience of sports grounds that belong to the facility, the school is equipped with an outdoor artificial grass field, about 3000 square meters of open play area, outdoor beach volleyball courts, an indoor gym, and indoor beach volleyball courts with heated sand. The founder of the school, Beachclub Strahov, has years of experience in physical education for children and youth, therefore, can be accounted as a guarantee of complete psychomotor development of children which holds a top spot on the list of education priorities. The guarantor of the education program is Dr. Vít Mařík, the chairman of Beachclub Strahov.


Children are split into 4 groups depending on their age. Here at Little Dragon preschool we push towards a unique way of education by combining our English language lessons with approaching each child individually and making sure they are on the correct path of learning.


Thanks to our rich selection of sports activities that we take pride in we also help our kids amplify their talents and abilities



We are aware that what we eat and how we eat it forms each individual from the early years of life. Our eating habits have an impact on our physical and mental health, and we should get used to proper nutrition as early in life as we can. For this reason, we have decided to offer your child an all-around meal plan. Little Dragon school is partnered with COUNTRYLIFE and BIONEA food catering companies with the goal of providing our young pupils with Bio quality food ►►


With respect to the amount of children and their age, our school offers such activities as sports gymnastics (held in our own gym), our program “SandPlay” (held in BeachPrahaArena where our warm sand courts are located), little horse rides, floorball, street dance, sports movement sessions, tennis, yoga, flute sessions, Little Handy Man, and of course many trips, excursions and little theater. We also offer school in nature and ski trips to our children every year! ►►

Is the school’s unique information system in which you will find:

In our Panda system you will find all the necessary information you need about your payments

Panda system also provides an overview of information related to the school’s operations or any important events happening within our agenda.



You can easily let us know through Panda if your child won’t be able to make it to school that day or even when you wish to excuse them for lunch.




School year:  1st September 2022 - 30th June 2023
Summer operation:  1st July 2022 - 31st August 2023

CLUE:     ██ - Public holidays and vacations - preschool closed     ██ - Workshops and events in preschool

It is very friendly kinder garden, with professional teachers and huge safety space for children, highly recommended

Юлия Широбокова

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